Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Term: Noture: Not torture

Off topic from Boycott Bush's Texas:

I propose a new term: NOTURE.

It's "not torture". Pronouced "notcher". It is a whole lot easier to discuss, what with a short, two-syllable word. Noture. "Waterboarding, when done properly, is noture."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

An owl with a bird brain

Nice owl with a bird brain.

Need help with Texas business list

Blogs are only good if they are posted to regularly. I found it oddly difficult to get a good list of Texas businesses. The internet is full of advertisements for "business services". Otherwise, I searched for Chamber of Commerce, but there isn't a "state" one, just local ones. If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears.

But Boycott Bush's Texas doesn't HAVE to have a list to get started. It just has to give the IMPRESSION that this is a big deal. So just start Boycotting Bush's Texas. Live near Texas? Don't cross the border. Live in Texas near another state? Do lots of shopping out of state, then bring your receipt to your local Texas business. Travelling to Texas? Try not to. If you have to go anyway, tell everyone in the state about Boycott Bush's Texas. Make them sweat.

The purpose of Boycott Bush's Texas is to have an outlet, for YOU my friend, because the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States government are not listening to the majority of Americans like you and I that voted in 2006 to end the war (sort of). Boycotting Bush's Texas gives you something to DO...and might make you feel better since you CAN.

Besides coming up with lists of "bad" and "good" Texas business places (they can get onto the "good" list just by contacting me), I hope to write letters to congresspeople, Chamber's of Commerce, and businesses. The White House. Write to ME and I'll add you to a list. Make people aware that YOU are not waiting UNTIL THE NEXT ELECTION to take out your frustrations.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why I created Boycott Bush's Texas

Boycott Bush's Texas is about the "endless war in Iraq".

It is Sept 28, and the "surge" debate was lost (again). Not only do we now have to wait another Friedman Unit (6 months) before "things look better", "we'll turn the corner", or "give the current military tactic time to work", but we need another TWO or THREE or TEN more Friedman Units. We clearly voted in November 2006 for what we thought was a course change for the Iraq war. The President pretended to agree with us, but as you now know he tried the "surge" as a so-called course change. The congress can't seem to do s**t except pass non-binding resolutions condemning Rush Limbaugh for being, well, Rush Limbaugh.

So Boycott Bush's Texas. Boycott businesses in Texas. Fair? No. It is no more fair than the Iraq war based on bad intel. It is no worse than the missionless course of action we have to babysit a civil war, when such a thing has historically been impossible. A boycott of Texas businesses is no more fair than the 3,000,000,000 dollars per week that the war costs. It is no more fair than the broken families such as Mary and Danny. Danny is four years old (yes, born in 2003!), has attention deficit problems and needs a father. But the President needs Danny's father more, and for 15 months in Afghanistan.

So Boycott Bush's Texas. IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, because the congress and the executive branch won't listen to us.

I'll have lists of companies to boycott, lists of companies that are off the hook, and presumably letters to write to the companies, etc, etc, as I figure out how to do them.

Thanks for reading. Boycott Bush's Texas makes no sense, it's just hurtful to the President. But he started it.

-- Dave K --